Saturday, July 23, 2016

USA Map Embroidery

I hope you're all managing to keep cool! Up here in the northern latitudes, it isn't especially warm this year, but I can feel the heat in the US all the way up here.

Today I have an old favorite from a few years ago that I have re-photographed. I don't think this project was every posted on this blog, so here it is once again...

This time I've taken a couple closeups.
It took some time to outline all the states and all the small shapes, but it was definitely worth it for this project.  It's just special and I'm very glad I made it. I have received questions over the years what I used to color the shapes, and the answer is crayons. Colored pencils would surely work too. I used a fairly light hand, but I think it would work to press harder for more color.

I still love this project and when the time is right I plan to stitch up the America version of this design. That one will have full instructions like all the new patterns do. The USA map pattern doesn't but most of it is stem and back stitching with a few french knots and lazy daisies where they fit.

Keep cool and enjoy the summer!!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Owl Mandala Embroidery

I dug up another old embroidery to photograph for my Instagram collection! This one was a fun one. I remember just having some fun with the stitches and colors I chose.
This one is from the third mandala pattern collection.  I'm thinking this one too could be remade into a nice crewel kit too. More to work on! And I am still so wickedly far behind.

Also, I have finally joined Pinterest!! It's been a long time coming. I'm slowly putting some of my stuff on there, but I also plan to scour the web for any sort of nice embroidery or artwork too that I like to share.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Butterfly Florals Embroidery Pattern Collection

Stitching and stitching! I've been working hard to get the Butterfly Florals Embroidery Pattern Collection finished this week.  This new floral embroidery collection with 12 patterns in it with sizes from 3 inches to 6 inches. These florals continue to be a lot of fun to play with, and I have many more ideas waiting for a chance to play.
I love working with the soft colors especially lately, but I do try to stretch myself with some new combos too! 
I really love the look of the chunkier stitches too on these. I often use 6 strands which adds a whole lot of interesting texture to the embroidery.
I have many more images I will be posting too as I look out for my next projects!

Happy stitching everyone!!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bird Mandalas

I've been sorting through my embroideries lately as I dig up photos for Instagram. For me, the embroideries bring back memories of when and where I stitched them. This is one of the things I always love about handwork, especially slow handwork. Memories and associations are worked into each stitch. Most are neither happy nor sad, just reminders of where I was at different points in my life.

Here is one of my stitched memories. I remember very well this little project. I wanted to experiment with using a different color fabric than white, which I almost always prefer. The birds are fun, I may very well revisit them in a crewel project.

I'll be returning with more of embroideries., and the work on new one is continuing every day too, so more pictures very soon.

Lately, I've been seized with the explore bug, so I've been taking whatever little outings I can, even ones to those sort of little landmarks on the side of the road that you always just pass by and never take the time to stop and look. It's always, someday but not today. My latest stop though is more special. These are stone carvings from the bronze age (1000-500 BC.)

These are found in Southern Sweden, not all the far from the Baltic Sea, and as you might imagine they feature ships rather prominently. The little lines are thought to represent rowers and the larger figures might be gods.

Monday, June 20, 2016

More Floral Embroideries

Yikes, how time does fly away from me!! I have finally returned with a few more pictures from the Floral Embroidery Pattern pack!! Yay.  I've been visiting family in the US for the past few weeks and fell totally behind on everything.  I've finally recovered from a wicked case of jet lag and am working furiously to catch up a bit.

These are a couple of my favorite florals.

I'm still working on more florals. They are simply a lot of fun. While I was away, I had the opportunity to five my first embroidery class, which of course was for woven wheel florals!  Everyone had a great time trying them out, and I would love to eventually do lots more classes.

I'll be back soon with lots more pictures...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

New Embroideries

I've fallen hopelessly behind! Most of my time for posting gets sucked into Instragram. It's been great fun seeing what other people have been working on and getting a little inspiration too. 

I have recently finished a couple new embroideries though in between everything.

Bee Floral Embroidery

All Life Floral Embroidery

And a couple closeups:

These are fun. I'm working on some new ideas. I'm behind as always, so back soon again!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Chunky Woven Wheel Stitch Tutorial

I've been spending time lately looking around on Instagram, seeing what people are doing with their embroidery and fiber arts. One thing I'm seeing all over are the woven wheels - chunky style. They look too fun not to try, so I thought I would make a short tutorial about them while I was at it. They are easy and effective.

It's not necessary, but I like to draw a circle with a stencil and mark the middle point, then mark points around the circle for 5 spokes.  If you draw a circle, draw it smaller than you want it to be, and make your spokes extend out beyond the circle, so the circle line is hidden. For a chunky wheel, use all 6 strands of floss on the needle.

Then make 5 straight stitches for the spoke.  Bring up the needle near the center and start weaving around, over and under the spokes. Keep on stitching to fill the spokes.  Don't pull too tightly on the thread as you work.  The layers of floss will slowly build up. 

I've done quite a few rounds, so it builds up the form, makes a nice raised stitch. You can work with long lengths of thread for this, and if your thread runs out, bring it down under the woven wheel, and start a new one.  When you're satisfied, fluff the threads a little.

I've added a few fronds and leaves free-form to make a nice finish. I've used fly stitch, detached chain, french knots, and straight stitches.

A few ideas for variations: Add some french knots or beads to the centers of your wheels, use 2 or three colors when weaving, experiment with the number of times you wind the thread around the wheel to make flatter or chunkier stitches.

Good luck and have fun with these!