Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ten Things about Embroidery for Beginners to Remember

I have a new list of things I've learned about embroidery!  This list are things for beginners (and all of us too) to embroidery to consider about their new art. Remember it's not just a craft, but an artform and there is much that can be done with it.

1. Embroidery is always an adventure to be enjoyed. Slow down as much as you can, breathe and relax. Take pleasure in the stitches and watching the project develop.

2. No need for expensive supplies! Compared to other mediums, embroidery doesn't require much investment to begin - piece of fabric, some threads, a needle and scissors, and a hoop is handy too. A pencil is sufficient for transferring a design.

3. If your life feels out of control, then pick up your embroidery. Your art is one thing you have full control over. You get to decide everything about how it turns out.

4. The great thing about embroidery is that it's so tactile. Textures you can actually feel not just see. Learn to use them to create interest in your work.

5. New friends! Look around online and maybe in your local area for others who have the same hobby or even a related one. Stitchers are super nice and extremely supportive people. Reach out whenever you can and enjoy the companionship of like-minded people.

6. So much to learn, so many styles and techniques to try. You can satisfy your thirst to learn and develop your skill and your style. It's great fun to see where this journey leads you. It may surprise you!

7. Practice makes perfect - or sort of perfect. Keep on working and trying and you will improve quickly. Perfection should never be the goal, always just do your best and remember the journey really is the important part.

8. There is no right way - any way is right. Take a chance and do a crazy and wild design that is for fun, or try something traditional and serious. Whichever you like, whichever speaks to you. The important part is to go for it.

9. And some practical advice. Where to get supplies? If you happen to live near a craft store like Michael's or Joanne's you can find many supplies there, such as hoops, needles, fabric, and floss. If you don't, then they internet has many very nice stores which will deliver all these supplies to your door. Pattern transfer is important too. The simplest way is the light box approach which is why it's my preferred method - no need for extra supplies.  Just tape your pattern to glass (a window), then tape the fabric over and trace with a pencil or water soluble pen.

10. Embroidery is what you make of it. There are no rules, no musts, only what feels right to you to do. If you love to paint, it can be included in your embroidery. As can beading, sewing, knitting and even paper crafts too. Just let your imagination fly.

 Be sure to check my first Book of Embroidery for lots of advice about using the stitches and embroidery in general!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Winter Wreath Embroidery

This is one of my designs I did some years ago. I posted it this week on Instagram, and wow what a response I got. The most likes of anything I have posted so far. It's funny, but sometimes you just really cannot predict what people will react to. Projects that I think are great sometimes get no response. But I will say, it's also a matter of your audience. Somethings get lots of likes on Facebook but not elsewhere, and that sort of thing.

I have also found and try to remember this every time I make anything. The number of likes you receive is in no way related to how good or nice the project is or even how well it will sell. Some get lots of likes and no sales, others get very few likes and lots of sales.

Of course, these are only a couple metrics.

There are other things that I think are far more important! Like what you learned from the project, how you felt, and how enjoyable it was to make. I strive hard to only do projects that I really enjoy, ad that includes the pattern, the stitches and the colors.

I can definitely say, every thing I make comes from the heart, and I truly do enjoy the process of making.  And I think it's so important to record this journey we call life in some form or another through writing or pictures.

Tell your story!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Strawberry Thief Crewel Embroidery

This is my latest finish and I'm very happy with how this out.

I really love pinks and greens on this one, they are so soft and yummy and a delight to work with.
Developing the details on this one was loads of fun. Making the strawberries with the trellis is one of my favorite ways to make them and I always like how they turn out.

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