Tuesday, January 23, 2018

A word for the year

Welcome again to 2018. I'm saying it again because I've spent the last 3 weeks recovering from the wicked flu that's going around, and I am still not quite at 100. I'm getting there. It feels like the year is just now getting started for real.

I liked my elephants so well I made a painted version. I'm sure this won't be their last appearance.

I'm sure you've heard about about having a word of the year or maybe even chosen some yourself over the years.

I usually forget mine after a month or two. I don't even think I had one last year. A couple years ago I chose 'adventure'. I am not certain I had many that year, maybe because I forgot to.

But this year I have a word I can't forget! If you haven't guessed by now it's Create.

I chose this not so much because I need a reminder that I should be creating, this I know. But this word is a verb, meaning action.

That's right, it's a reminder to myself to chose action over inaction, every single day. To create something, anything, and there are many forms our creations take beyond the strictly artistic. Even our lives themselves we are creating every day with our choices to act or not act. Yes, our lives are our biggest creations, maybe worth remembering.

So this is my reminder to choose the good actions and creations, to work towards what I really want to have. And to choose them little by little through everyday actions.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Creating into 2018

It's that time of year to think of the changes we want to make to ourselves and our lives in the new year. I'm sure you know how it goes by now. Goals, resolutions, new schedules, all this is going to help us change for the better. It's not quite enough though, it never is. There is one thing our lists often miss...

The action part.  Goals and dreams mean nothing without action to take us where we want to go.

So this year, I'm dedicating myself not just to dreaming big, but taking steps every single day towards those dreams. I aim for at least one or two small steps daily, but I am hoping there could be many in a day.

I dropped off blogging a year ago, I was bummed and felt I wasn't finding my voice. So I spent time through last year writing and writing in my scribbly notebooks, thinking and thinking what it is I want to say.

I have read a lot too. Any articles I come across that I could learn from, hoping to find that hidden nugget that I missed inside myself.

In the end I have realized a few important things:

  • there is no substitute for doing. Yep, action, the more the better.  What do you miss in your life? Think of the action it will require.

  • think in small steps. The actions don't always have to be big.  Little ones matter, and they add up fast when done daily. What small steps can you start today?

  • create, create, create! For me what I want to do is create, and that involves getting going, being uncomfortable, taking risks, not putting things off. Not always easy. What are the things that hold you back from taking a small step today?

  • don't give up too easy. I do sometimes, I know I do. When something feels like a solid wall, I duck away. Sometimes I take long routes to try to get around the walls, but there is no way over them except to learn to climb. Do you have any walls in your life you're running around?

  • be positive! Yes, I have been drowning myself in negativity at various points in my life. I am making good progress on not doing that anymore. Positive thinking is a better way, and it is for everyone. Do you often find yourself slipping down the rabbit hole of negative thoughts?

So now here we are in a new year that can't be wasted. Today is a great day to begin a small step forward.

One little step I am taking is to return to my embroidery journal project. I had a blog for it and even a few people joining, but I am not sure I will resurrect that blog. Maybe.

I have chosen the word create - an active word. It is a reminder to create and to be creative, as often as possible, writing, drawing, painting, embroidery, and many other ways in life.  Above all, I hope to remember to always be active. This is key to moving forward into new paths.

Happy 2018!